12mm XL Self-Adhesive Static Realistic Flower Tufts - Wild Spring

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  • 12mm Wild Orange/Yellow
  • 12mm XL Self-Adhesive Static Realistic Flower Tufts - Wild Spring
  • 12mm Wild Orange/Yellow
  • 12mm Wild Cornflowers


These flowering tufts work almost exactly like our regular tufts, but with flowers! These flowering tufts have subdued solid and mixed colors of petals that are designed to simulate real flowers. The grass used for these flowering tufts is the same as our 12mm Self-Adhesive Wild Spring Tufts. Included are 40 12mm tufts - 20 medium and 20 large tufts depending on diameter.

These flowers are a different, more realistic material than our previous flowering and flower sampler packs. 

To learn more about Self-Adhesive Tufts, please click here.

Each package contains one 3x4.5" sheet of static grass tufts in the 12mm Army layout. These tufts are approximately 12-13mm high and vary in width. Shedding of the flower material does occur when applying these tufts. We strongly recommend the use of a wooden toothpick or similar tool to ensure the adhesive gets sufficient grip on the item it is being applied to. No additional glue is required except in rare cases which typically involve unsealed or loose basing material.  

Bases are shown for display purposes only.

Buy two or more packs of any variety and additional sheets ship at no extra charge. Our tufts are shipped in a hard, protective clamshell that is crush resistant. 

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. This product may contain walnut shells. 

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