Hobby Supplies

Hobby Supplies

Assorted Hobby Supplies that can be used in miniature wargaming. Items in this category include items that can be used for both basing and sprucing up miniatures. 

  • Autumn Mix Autumn Yellow

    Miniature Hobby Leaves

    Miniature fall leaves made from natural plant materials. These are great for bases or dioramas. Just spot some PVA glue on your piece and sprinkle on the leaves. Or you can apply them more precisely with tweezers.  Leaves shown on one of our 40mm...
  • 1mm chain 1mm chain

    Miniature Wargaming Model Chain - 12 Inches

    Miniature chain that can be used for modeling, dioramas, and more! Comes in lengths of 12 inches. Each chain is made up of individual 1mm chain links. Links are a gunmetal grey. Chain is available in 1mm and 1.7mm sizes. Note, if ordered with our...