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Self-Adhesive Tufts - 6mm Beachside - Natural Layout

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  • Self-Adhesive Tufts - 6mm Beachside - Natural Layout
  • Self-Adhesive Tufts - 6mm Beachside - Natural Layout


These rocky tufts work almost exactly like our Grass and Flower tufts, but with rocks! These tufts are sandy beachside tufts with bits of our seaside grass throughout. The grass used for these tufts is the same as our Seaside Grass Tufts. These tufts currently use a murky tan sand.

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Buy two or more sheets of any variety and additional sheets ship at no extra charge

Note, on natural layout sheets, every sheet is different and what size and quantity of tufts varies. We aim to fill every sheet with tufts.  

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. This product may contain walnuts. 

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