Covid-19 and Shadow's Edge Miniatures

Well, the time has come for our Covid-19 post.

While Zach’s day job has been ramping up quite a bit in light of current world events and we’re personally feeling the culture shift as the US moves to address the ongoing crisis, we are thankful to be only minorly impacted for now. We are however incredibly saddened to hear of pain and health concerns across the world as well as the cancellation of many events, including Adepticon. We had a retail store lined up to carry a fairly impressive array of our Self-Adhesive Tufts at their booth since we could not make it there in person this year.

We are continuing production as usual and are fully stocked on production materials. We’ve also checked in with several of our suppliers and there is no foreseeable shortage there either. As long as the post office is running and we can get packages to them, we will continue to fulfill web orders and supply our retailers. If you have a store nearby that carries our products, we highly encourage you to support them as most are either still open for retail only or offering curbside pickup. You can find the list of our current retailers here.

If you don’t have a local store carrying our products, we are offering our Buy 2 Get 1 sale for our anniversary and have launched it early in light of Adepticon being cancelled and how many people we know are stuck indoors.

We will have a lot of exciting updates for you all in the comings weeks and months that include several new product lines that aren’t quite ready to show off just yet.

Be safe and happy hobbying!

Zach & Ali
Shadow’s Edge Miniatures

Mar 20th 2020 Zach Hightower

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