SEM - State of Affairs - November

It's blog time!

This started out as a regular post, but I realized that it was getting far too wordy for a Facebook or Instagram post. So, I think we are going to start doing a monthly "State of Affairs" type of blog post for those interested. We may also do tutorials and WiP type blog posts as time allows. Anyway, on to the updates!

It has been a crazy last 6 months. While we have attended several events, sponsored several more, and have sent out a ton of orders, there hasn't been too much on the new or improvement side for Shadow's Edge. So I thought we'd give an update and tease a couple minor things while work resumes on new scenery products.A lot of our focus has gone into our various sampler packs, but our regular tuft packs haven't changed in quite some time and, since we have learned a lot in that time, we revisited them. We still need to look at our shrub and rocky packs, but our assorted and natural packs have been streamlined. 

What does this mean? This means that not only were we able to fit an entire new row into each of our assorted army pack sheets, we were also able to cram a lot more tufts into our natural packs - and we can now tell you exactly how many are in each pack, which has been a common question. These will start showing up on the website very soon, but almost all army and natural packs shipped after today will have these improvements (sans rocky natural packs). We may also be able to re-introduce our popular, but previously unwieldy "large" layout army packs in the very near future. 

Here is how the new natural packs look.

Speaking of the website, the two largest complaints that we hear about Shadow's Edge are clearly seeing what you are buying on the website and our shipping times. Well, I have good news on both fronts! We are in the process of photographing all of our products to redo the website. The other main complaint that we receive is in regards to our shipping times. We have talked a lot in the past about switching to an inventory system from our made to order process, but there has been very little progress on that front, until now. We decided that we cannot reasonably keep all of our products in stock - we simply have too many options and layouts. However, we can and have started keeping our samplers in stock. Our samplers simply take so much longer to produce than our other tufts, so now... we are keeping them on the shelf with more in reserve! Which is especially good news for our shipping times if, hypothetically, there were to be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale next week. 

Here are a few of our samplers waiting to get thrown in boxes.

Work has resumed on our Urban rubble bases. We have quite a few other sizes on the table and hope to have the majority of the common sizes finished before the new year, focusing mainly on the sizes that have been specifically requested. We also have 5-6 new themes in various stages of planning for 2019. Including, but not limited to a foetid and plague theme and a line of bases that will be well suited for a certain game faction that loves sisterhood, flame, and zealous fervor...

Nov 17th 2018 Zach H.

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