What are Self-Adhesive Tufts?

Self-Adhesive tufts are pre-made grass, flower, or other scenery clumps that come in sheets and are easily released from their sheeting. Once released, they can be placed on any miniature base, diorama, or anything you want! 

To use these Self-Adhesive tufts, firmly grab the desired tuft and peel away from the sheet. For some of our rocky tufts, it is best to peel at the edge of the tuft, instead of straight up. Next, apply it to your finished base or other object and make sure there is good contact with the clear adhesive on the button of the tuft and the base. Note, some of the smaller tufts may require a pair of tweezers, but be careful not to touch the tweezers to the adhesive, as it can easily adhere to the metal.

While it is possible to reuse these tufts, they do lose some of their tact after each use and may remove paint if they are pulled off a finished base or model, especially if it is on a porous surface, such as plaster or cork. 

If the grass fibers are out of place after you have applied them, gently move them into position with your finger or a small tool, such as a craft stick or toothpick. Some of our rocky tufts greatly benefit from using a toothpick to ensure the glue reaches the item you are attaching the tuft to.