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Scenic Resin Bases - Urban Rubble 32mm Beveled Edge Bases 10x

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Our Urban Rubble bases are made to simulate a cracked and worn urban landscape that has begun to be reclaimed by nature. These bases are pressure cast in high-detail Urethane resin. Models can be directly glued or pinned to these beveled edge bases.

This is for 10x 32mm Urban Rubble Bases in 9 unique sculpts. 

Tufts shown are our 6mm Dead and Prairie Tufts (Not included)

All of our resin bases use a mold-release agent during the production process. We recommend thoroughly washing them with warm water and a mild dish soap before priming. 

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. 

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1 Review

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    Good product

    Posted by Erekosë on Dec 10th 2018

    I liked these bases, they are accurately sized and they look perfect as ruined asphalt or cement for war-torn urban environments.

    The only issue I had was that there were large bubbles under a few of the bases, but that did not affect the visual effect they construe.

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