• Gold Gold

    Miniature Wargaming & Hobby Chain - 36 Inches

    Miniature chain that can be used for modeling, dioramas, and more! Comes in lengths of 36 inches. Each chain is made up of individual 1mm chain links. Links are available in silver, gold, copper, and...
  • 4mm Dark Green Self-Adhesive Grass Tufts

    4mm Dark Green Self-Adhesive Grass Tufts

    A near monotone dark green, our 4mm Dark Green tufts are great for themes where lush growth would be present. All of our 6mm tufts contain two sheets per pack. The tuft grasses are 4mm in length at...
  • 4mm Field Self-Adhesive Grass Tufts

    A perfect blend of tan, light, and medium greens that makes our 4mm Field Tufts a great addition for many different themes and paint schemes. Our other lengths of Field Grass are similar to each...