6mm Wild Spring Self-Adhesive Grass Tufts

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  • 6mm Wild Spring Self-Adhesive Grass Tufts


A vibrant mixture of light greens and yellow, our 6mm Wild Spring tufts provide a splash of color and life to many different themes and paint schemes. Our other lengths of Wild Spring Grass are similar to each other, but there are some differences in color.

All of our 6mm tufts contain two sheets per pack. The tuft grasses are 6mm in length at the longest, but the adhesive can add some additional height during production. Our 6mm Tufts are available in several different options:

Assorted: Containing 2 sheets of tufts that equal out to 164 total tufts per pack. These tufts come in small, medium, and large sizes that are roughly 4, 6, and 9mm diameter at the base.

Natural: Containing 2 sheets of tufts that equal out to nearly 200 total tufts per pack. Our Natural packs have more irregular and non-uniform shapes that make for great additions to dioramas and larger model bases. The sizes and diameters of the tuft’s bases in this pack range from 4.75mm to 17mm. If this grass color has any options for most of our Shrubs and our Rocky Natural, or Single-color flower packs, they will come in the Natural pack layout.

Rocky Natural: Using the same sheet layout as our standard Natural packs, these tufts contain either, brown, grey, or martian colored rocks at the base of the tufts to add additional texture to your project. 

Flower Samplers: Containing two sheets of tufts that have 168 total tufts per pack in small, medium, and large size that are roughly4, 6, and 9mm diameter at the base. These samplers each contain 8 different flower colors. 

- Our standard Flower samplers use a bright, glossy material for the flowers. They contain red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, light blue, and white flowers.

- Our Realistic Flower samplers use a unique matte material to achieve a more realistic flower appearance. They contain yellow, orange, orange/yellow, mixed flowers, primrose, dusty rose, cornflowers, and English lavender flower colors.

Buy two or more packs of any variety and additional packs ship at no extra charge. Our tufts are shipped in a hard, protective clamshell that is crush resistant. 

Colors may very from those shown as many of our products are dyed or made from natural materials that can vary from batch to batch.

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. This product may contain walnut shells. 

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1 Review

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    Cool clumps

    Posted by Marilyn on Sep 18th 2023

    Make great "flowers" and "shrubs" in 1/4 scale.

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