Reject Bases! - Bag of Bases

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  • Reject Bases! - Bag of Bases
  • Reject Bases! - Bag of Bases


Want a ton of bases but don't mind doing a little bit of repairs on the rims? These are our reject bases that did not meet our standards to ship in normal orders. The top detail is still pristine, but they may have bubbles underneath or divits in the rim that need a little bit of putty and TLC! Some bases may also have excess silicone in between details that needs to be picked out. Includes random sizes from our Rosarium, Urban Rubble lines, and Druidic Realms, but may also include bases from unreleased themes. Note, some crystals on the druidic bases may have chips. Also included are some of our alternative flight stands that may have large air bubbles around the bottom. 

Includes: roughly 1lb, 8oz of random beveled edge bases. 

All of our resin bases use a mold-release agent during the production process. We recommend thoroughly washing them with warm water and a mild dish soap before priming. Resin dust is dangerous to inhale, so please ensure you use appropriate safety equipment when sanding or cutting resin. 

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. 


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