Scenic Resin Bases - Void Station 25mm

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Our Void Station bases are made to resemble a well-worn asteroid mining station or outpost. They include many visual elements such as diamond decking, piping, metal plates, nuts, bolts, and chunks of slate.

Our bases and resin accessories are pressure cast in high-quality urethane resin. Figures can be directly glued or pinned to these beveled edge bases.

Includes: 10x 25mm Void Station Bases selected from one of 12 unique designs. 

All of our resin products use a mold-release agent during the production process. We recommend thoroughly washing them with warm water and a mild dish soap before priming. Resin dust is dangerous to inhale, so please ensure you use appropriate safety equipment when sanding or cutting resin. Unless noted, each base is a unique design. 

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. 

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